Professional Development Grants

JACADA professional development grants


The purpose of the JACADA professional development grants is to award recognition and financial support to individual members of the campus advising community who engage in professional development activities that will enhance the status of and demonstrate the value of the advising profession at IU Indianapolis.

Funding and project details

The following are requirements for applicants:

  • Be an active member of JACADA.
  • Have completed one year of continuous service at IU Indianapolis by the proposal deadline.
  • May not have received a professional development grant within the previous two-year period (the previous four application periods).

The conference/event:

  • Must occur no later than 12 months after the awarding of the grant.
  • May supplement or expand upon, but may not duplicate, any training currently available at IU Indianapolis in any form or through any office.
  • Must be demonstrated to relate to the applicant's current or future duties and responsibilities.

Preference will be given to the following applicants:

  • Full-time IU Indianapolis employees.
  • Applicants who are presenting, hold a leadership role in the professional organization hosting the conference, and who are first-time attendees to a conference.

Additional grant details:

  • This grant may be applied to conference/event registration costs only. This grant will not be used to cover travel expenses or membership fees.
  • A maximum of $250 may be awarded.
  • Grants are not transferable, may not be applied to a different professional development event/activity, and may not be applied to a different time period.

Submission of applications

Applications should be submitted online no later than 11:59 p.m. by each deadline:

  • December 1
  • April 1

For any deadline that falls on Saturday or Sunday, the deadline will be the following Monday. Funding decisions will be made approximately four weeks after the deadline.

Each application must include the following (in this order):

  • The application form.
  • A 250-word maximum description and explanation of the conference/event, the organization offering the event, and the applicant's role at the conference. Applicant should also discuss the value of the conference/event to the applicant, to the applicant's department/unit, and to JACADA/IU Indianapolis.
  • A 150-word maximum contributions list of possible ways the applicant could share what they learned with the campus advising community after the conference/event.
  • A budget for the event/activity, including any additional, relevant details the applicant thinks necessary for the committee.

Ready to submit?

If you're ready to submit your application, all you have to do is click the link below.

Post-award requirements

Each grant awardee will:

  • Work with the JACADA Professional Development Committee to set up a "contribution" to the IU Indianapolis community within six months after the conference/event. The end goal is to share highlights of your experience with the larger IU Indianapolis advising community so that others may learn and benefit. This contribution can take many forms, depending on your strengths, interests, and availability. Examples of contributions include:
    • Brown bag share-back session (e.g., sit on a panel and share ideas that you learned from an event)
    • Program presentation (e.g., give a presentation you took to a conference)
    • Blog or vlog to be featured on the JACADA website and/or in the newsletter
    • Poster to be presented at JACADA Professional Development Day

Please submit your contribution idea via the link below. Please remember that you must complete this contribution within six months of utilization of the grant.