Advisor of the Year Awards

Mikki Jeschke Advisor of the Year Awards Program

The Jaguar Academic Advising Association (JACADA) invites students, faculty, staff, and alumni to nominate faculty or staff academic advisors for the Advisor of the Year Award. The purpose of the Advisor of the Year Award is to honor an academic advisor who demonstrates a deep commitment to providing an exemplary educational experience for IU Indianapolis students.

The award seeks to recognize an academic advisor who:

  • Enhances the student experience by understanding and sharing knowledge of university policies, curriculum requirements, and academic options
  • Communicates information about available resources and programs
  • Increases student awareness of options
  • Creates a welcoming atmosphere for students
  • Possesses a strong ability to relate and to be available to students on an individual basis
  • Demonstrates interest in students’ personal and academic achievements
  • Shows a commitment to continued advisor professional development
  • Demonstrates an awareness of and a commitment to diversity

Nominees do not have to be a member of JACADA to be eligible for the award. One candidate for Advisor of the Year will be selected from nominations to each of the following four categories:

Academic Advising—Primary Role: Individuals whose primary role at the institution is the direct delivery of advising services to students. Nominees must spend at least 50% of their time on direct delivery of advising to students and have at least three calendar years of experience in direct delivery of advising to students.

Faculty Academic Advising: Individuals whose primary responsibility is teaching and who spend a portion of their time providing academic advising services to students. Nominees must spend at least 50% of their time on teaching or research and have at least three years (calendar years) of experience.

Academic Advising Administrator: Individuals who may provide direct academic advising services, but whose primary responsibility is as an administrator or director of an academic advising program. Nominees must have a minimum of three years (calendar years) in advising administration with at least 50% of their duties in advising administration.

Outstanding New Advisor: Individuals who have served as an advisor for a period of three or fewer years.

All nominees will be notified in early November. Upon acceptance of their nomination, the nominees will be added to a Canvas page and be required to submit a brief advising philosophy, letters of nomination, and a resume by November 26. Students, staff, faculty, and school administrators are welcome to provide additional support for nominations directly to a nominee.

Advisors of the year and honorable mentions will be announced and awarded during the JACADA holiday party. Winners in each category will be encouraged to apply for the national NACADA award.

Nomination deadline

The deadline for nomination is Sunday, November 5 at 11:59 p.m. You can use the link below to nominate someone.

How are nominees evaluated?

Once each nominee accepts their nomination, they gather their materials, which are then submitted to the JACADA Advisor of the Year Award reviewers. These reviewers evaluate each candidate's materials according to the NACADA Outstanding Advising Global Awards criteria. The individual rubrics for each award are listed below.

Primary Role
New Advisor

Past award winners

2023 award winners

  • Carlos Zapata (School of Informatics & Computing), Primary Role
  • Denise O'Grady [IUPUI (now IU Indianapolis) Athletics], Advising Administrator
  • Jonnie Fox (School of Liberal Arts), New Advisor

2022 award winners

  • Betsy Parker (School of Informatics & Computing), Primary Role
  • Mike Polites, (School of Liberal Arts), Faculty
  • Lisa Ruch (Honors College), Advising Administrator
  • Brianna Durkin (School of Liberal Arts), New Advisor

2021 award winners

  • Ashley Msikinya (School of Health & Human Sciences), Primary Role
  • Kevin Lema (University College), New Advisor

2020 award winners

  • Kara Woodlee (Honors College), Primary Role
  • Sharon Miller (School of Engineering and Technology), Faculty
  • Jen Schott (University College), Advising Administrator
  • Alex Harvey (School of Social Work), New Advisor

2019 award winners

  • Terry O’Brien (O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs), Primary Role
  • Paige Craigie (School of Health and Human Sciences), Faculty
  • Danny King (School of Engineering and Technology), Advising Administrator
  • Michelle Dankle (University College), New Advisor

2018 award winners

  • Amy Maidi (School of Science), Primary Role
  • Mike Polites (School of Liberal Arts), Faculty
  • Laura Masterson (School of Health and Human Sciences), Advising Administrator
  • Ashley Msikinya (School of Health and Human Sciences), New Advisor