Benefits of being involved with JACADA

With the generosity of the Division of Undergraduate Education, we are now able to offer membership in JACADA free of charge to the advising community. JACADA has always been open and inclusive for all professional advisors, faculty advisors, and anyone else who identifies and wants to be a part of this community. Therefore, this is not really a change, but a shift in effort that will remove all financial barriers to joining the JACADA community.

Joining a JACADA committee is a great way to get involved further in JACADA and help make and facilitate the things that advisors need on campus! Each year when you complete your membership form, you can select the committee on which you wish to serve. Once the form has been completed and submitted, you will immediately gain access to the full JACADA membership benefits, which include access to:

  • Notices about professional development opportunities
  • Community of professionals
  • Professional database
  • And more!

Become a JACADA member today